A Comprehensive Toolbox for Advanced Meta-analysis


What is Meta-analysis?

Meta-analysis is the statistical method for combining both qualitative and quantitative outcomes from multiple studies to draw statistically stronger conclusions.

Researchers may want to use meta-analysis because of the greater statistical power it creates by means of having a larger number of subjects and results than any individual study.


Meta-analysis also provides estimates of treatment effects, which can identify any asymmetries in the studies, such as publication bias and heterogeneity.  



Xmeta platform provides functions for advanced meta-analysis, documentation, and video tutorials, including the tour of the website, "xmeta" R package installation tutorial, and implementation of the novel methods.  


STATA and SAS documentations are coming soon!


The online analysis platform allows you to perform meta-analysis on your data automatically. In order to use the platform, simply upload your properly formatted dataset and we will provide a report containing relevant plots and insights from meta-analysis.

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